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Rock Dental Brands

Development, PHP/WordPress, JS/jQuery

I worked on the Rock Dental Brands site while working at Perch as lead developer. Perch had built quite a few creative sites for dental brands located in Arkansas, and this project was to take care of the parent company: Rock Dental Brands (RDB).

Rock dental brands calculator viewOne of the main goals was to provide a way for dentists to learn more about RDB, to show them the benefits of joining the RDB group. As part of this goal, a calculator would be provided to show them what their salary would be if they were to join. The RDB team would need to be able to add in custom options as-needed, such as different types of dental fields and different salaries for each. This information would then be provided to users and they could generate a calculated graph showing benefits.

It was fun working with Chart.js to provide custom views for the salary calculator results. We also had a database in the backend using Formidable Forms that would allow the RDB team to view past results. This gave them the option to see which dental practices and salaries were more popular, and they could adjust their strategy to fit with that info.

Rock Dental Brands parallax viewThe design was also challenging in certain areas, as the parallax features and angles made for some interesting views. Most sections of each page had overlap of overlaid shapes as well, so I had to get creative with psuedo elements and z-index CSS. There was also the concern of making sure the parallax effect was only visible when the device viewing it was capable of handling it, so the code had to be written to check for device and screen sizes and make adjustments accordingly.

All in all it was a fun project, I hope to do more with Chart.js in the future.



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